Messermeister Ventures to Papua New Guinea

P1000726Papua New Guinea is still one of the most culturally diverse destinations on earth, but as Jag Distribution Managing Director Craig Reeves recently found there is a abundance of activity and fundamentally the same ever increasing need to find natural resources, utilising a workforce that require three square meals a day.

With over 30 years in the hospitality industry in Australia, Craig was brought in to consult and report on the kitchen operations of a highly mobile camp located near Tabubil, Western Provence PNG.

 Head Chef, "Jimmy K" was very welcoming and had an a wealth of knowledge relating to the logistics, produce and supply of the kitchen. Craig was allowed access to observe and provide recommendations for everything from meal preparations to cleaning.


High quality knives and kitchen equipment are difficult to source in this part of the world and Jimmy K was grateful to receive some Messermeister knives along with some culinary accessories. The kitchen staff were hard working and produced quality food considering the sites limitations. With improved processes, equipment and guidelines the staffs skills will grow quickly which will not only benefit the workers but will give the staff skills for life.

Craig has since returned to Australia and is looking to continue an ongoing relationship with the camps in PNG.